DanielBiostatistics10th 0.1.9

Remove unicode from plots

DanielBiostatistics10th 0.1.8

LazyData enabled

DanielBiostatistics10th 0.1.7

Misc minor updates

DanielBiostatistics10th 0.1.6

Replace all ggplot2::geom_vline with ggrepel::geom_label_repel

DanielBiostatistics10th 0.1.5

Minor improvements here and there.

DanielBiostatistics10th 0.1.4

Add new S3 objects ‘freqs’, ‘discreteDistBar’, ‘binom2pois’, ‘z_hypothesis’, ‘power_z’.

Add new S3 methods base::print, ggplot2::autolayer and ggplot2::autoplot for the new S3 objects.

DanielBiostatistics10th 0.1.3

Improvement: ?predictiveValue now takes vector prevalence and returns vector PVP and PVN.

Add S3 method: ?autoplot.predictiveValue

Change function names: old names aggregate_z_test, aggregate_t_test, prop_test_CLT and aggregate_var_test become ?aggregate_z, ?aggregate_t, ?prop_CLT and ?aggregate_var.

Change behavior: calculate confidence interval only, if null.value is missing, in ?prop_CLT, ?aggregate_z, ?aggregate_t and ?aggregate_var

DanielBiostatistics10th 0.1.2

Rename parameter phat of ?prop_test_CLT to xbar Add function ?print_freqs and ?print_OE

DanielBiostatistics10th 0.1.1

Remove package import.

DanielBiostatistics10th 0.1.0

First release.