The package ‘SSDM’ (Stacked Species Distribution Models) is a computer platform implemented in R providing a range of methodological approaches and parameterization at each step of the SSDM building. This vignette presents a typical workflow in R. An additional vignette presents the same workflow using the graphic user interface with the gui function (see GUI vignette).

The workflow of the package ‘SSDM’ is based on three modelling levels:

  1. the individual Species Distribution Model (SDM) fitting the occurrences of a single species on environmental predictor variables with a single modelling algorithm,
  2. the ensemble SDM (ESDM) combining the outputs of several SDMs, each SDM using a different modelling algorithm,
  3. the stack SDM (SSDM) combining several SDM or ESDM outputs to model species assemblages and compute species diversity and species richness (Fig. 1).