cfbfastR v1.9.0

Added functions to access ESPN API:

Added functions to pull data from the data repo:

cfbfastR v1.8.0

cfbfastR v1.7.1

cfbfastR v1.7.0

cfbfastR v1.6.7

cfbfastR v1.6.6

cfbfastR v1.6.5

cfbfastR v1.6.4

cfbfastR v1.6.3

cfbfastR v1.6.2

cfbfastR v1.6.1

cfbfastR v1.6.0

cfbfastR v1.5.2

cfbfastR v1.5.1

Minor release

cfbfastR v1.5.0

Added espn_cfb_scoreboard()

Added espn_cfb_pbp()

cfbfastR v1.4.0

Added cfbd_game_weather()

cfbfastR v1.3.3

Hotfix cfbd_game_player_stats()

cfbfastR v1.3.2

Added ID linking to cfbd_recruiting_players()

cfbfastR v1.3.0-1

Added three NFL draft functions:

cfbfastR v1.2.1

Minor release

cfbfastR v1.2.0-1

Add significant documentation to the package

ESPN/CFBD metrics function variable return standardization

cfbfastR v1.1.0

Add loading from Data Repository functionality

Add support for parallel processing and progress updates

cfbfastR v1.0.0

Function Naming Convention Change

College Football Data API Keys

The CollegeFootballData API now requires an API key, here’s a quick run-down:


Save the script and restart your RStudio session, by clicking Session (in between Plots and Build) and click Restart R (n.b. there also exists the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + F10 to restart your session). If set correctly, from then on you should be able to use any of the cfbd_ functions without any other changes.