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covid19dbcand is a smaller version from dbdataset package that contains different tibbles that constitute the dataset parsed from DrugBank.

The dataset was extracted from the DrugBank XML database via dbparser R package.

This dataset dedicated to covid-19 potential drugs in Drugbank.

It can be used for conveniently exploring and analyzing the contents of the DrugBank database. The dataset is also intended to assist in drug discovery endeavors that plan to make use of the DrugBank database.

Moreover; it also can be used to in Machine Learning in many sub-fields such as:


As the package size exceeds the limit set by CRAN, it will be hosted on Github only for now. Hence, it could be installed via the following command.


The datasets will then be available after running the following command:


Used Versions

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Using covid19dbcand for a paper you are writing? Consider citing it

#> Warning in citation("covid19dbcand"): no date field in DESCRIPTION file of
#> package 'covid19dbcand'
#> Warning in citation("covid19dbcand"): could not determine year for
#> 'covid19dbcand' from package DESCRIPTION file
#> To cite package 'covid19dbcand' in publications use:
#>   Mohammed Ali (NA). covid19dbcand: Selected 'Drugbank' Drugs for
#>   COVID-19 Treatment Related Data in R Format. R package version 0.1.1.
#> A BibTeX entry for LaTeX users is
#>   @Manual{,
#>     title = {covid19dbcand: Selected 'Drugbank' Drugs for COVID-19 Treatment Related Data in R Format},
#>     author = {Mohammed Ali},
#>     note = {R package version 0.1.1},
#>     url = {},
#>   }