fPASS: Power and Sample Size Analysis for Projection-Based Testing of Mean Difference under Repeated Measures Design

Salil Koner

The details of the power and sample size formula and the relevant computational details are documented in the manuscript. The users are encourage to see Wang (2021) and Koner and Luo (2023) for further details about the testing procedure.

fPASS is designed to make it quick and easy software for randomized clinical trial simulation tool for determining treatment efficacy where the response collected under a longitudinal or functional design. The current development version of the package can be installed by running the following.


# Install development version from GitHub
devtools::install_github("SalilKoner/fPASS") # Vignettes takes about 20 minutes to run. 


If you want to install the package with the vignettes to be built, then run

# Install development version from GitHub with the vignettes.
# Vignettes takes about 5-7 minutes to run. 
devtools::install_github("SalilKoner/fPASS", build_vignettes = TRUE) 

followed by browseVignettes("fPASS") to see the application of the package in real life case studies.