hdm: High-Dimensional Metrics

Implementation of selected high-dimensional statistical and econometric methods for estimation and inference. Efficient estimators and uniformly valid confidence intervals for various low-dimensional causal/ structural parameters are provided which appear in high-dimensional approximately sparse models. Including functions for fitting heteroscedastic robust Lasso regressions with non-Gaussian errors and for instrumental variable (IV) and treatment effect estimation in a high-dimensional setting. Moreover, the methods enable valid post-selection inference and rely on a theoretically grounded, data-driven choice of the penalty.

Getting Started with hdm

R is an open source software project and can be freely downloaded from the CRAN website along with its associated documentation. There are two options to install the R package hdm - either installation of the development version or the stable release available at CRAN.

Development Version

The current development version of the hdm package is maintained in this repository and can be installed by the command devtools::install_github("MartinSpindler/hdm"). Note that the devtools package is required for this command.

Stable Release

The stable package release is available at CRAN. The stable release version can be installed by typing install.packages("hdm") in R.

Getting Started: Vignette

After installation, users can get started by following the package vignette.


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