miscIC: Misclassified Interval Censored Time-to-Event Data

Estimation of the survivor function for interval censored time-to-event data subject to misclassification using nonparametric maximum likelihood estimation, implementing the methods of Titman (2017) <doi:10.1007/s11222-016-9705-7>. Misclassification probabilities can either be specified as fixed or estimated. Models with time dependent misclassification may also be fitted.

Version: 0.1.0
Imports: stats, nnls
Published: 2019-10-09
DOI: 10.32614/CRAN.package.miscIC
Author: Andrew Titman [aut, cre]
Maintainer: Andrew Titman <a.titman at lancaster.ac.uk>
License: GPL-2 | GPL-3 [expanded from: GPL (≥ 2)]
NeedsCompilation: no
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