(Predict Response from Expression Data and Identify Cell line/Clinical Targets and Trends)

An R package for drug response prediction and drug-gene association prediction. The prepared GDSC and CTRP matrices for the calcPhenotype() are located in the oncoPredict OSF. * For drug response prediction, use calcPhenotype. * For pre-clinical biomarker discovery, use GLDS. * For clinical biomarker discovery, use IDWAS (for CNV or somatic mutation association with drug response) or indicate cc=TRUE (for gene expression association with drug response) in calcPhenotype().

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Figure 1.

Flowchart displaying the 3 primary functionalities available through oncoPredict (calcPhenotype, GLDS, IDWAS) as well as the files generated from each function and parameters. Functions and files generated are bold.

Figure 1_ Overview of pRRophetic_plus (a flow chart or similar diagram to highlight the package’s abilities) (2)