Creating consort flow diagram with visR


Attrition example

Data preparation

Prepare the data using the attrition function.

attrition <- visR::get_attrition(adtte,
   criteria_descriptions = c("1. Not in Placebo Group",
                             "2. Be 75 years of age or older.",
                             "3. White",
                             "4. Female"),
   criteria_conditions   = c("TRTP != 'Placebo'",
                             "AGE >= 75",
   subject_column_name   = "USUBJID")

Render chart

Draw a CONSORT attrition chart without specifying extra text for the complement

attrition %>%
  visR::visr("Criteria", "Remaining N")

Adding more detail

Adding more detailed complement descriptions to the “exclusion” part of the CONSORT diagram

Add the control group

Step 1. Add new column to attrition dataframe

attrition$Complement <- c("NA", "Placebo Group", "Younger than 75 years", "Non-White", "Male")

Define metadata

Step 2. Define the name of the column in the call to the plotting function

attrition %>%
  visR::visr("Criteria", "Remaining N", "Complement")

Additional features

Styling the CONSORT flowchart.

Change the fill and outline of the boxes in the flowchart

attrition %>%
  visR::visr("Criteria", "Remaining N", "Complement", fill = "lightblue", border="grey")

Adjusting size

Adjust the font size in the boxes

attrition %>%
 visR::visr("Criteria", "Remaining N", font_size = 10)