ABM R Package: Agent Based Model Simulation Framework

The ABM package provides a high-performance, flexible framework for agent-based modeling. It has an easy-to-use state transition mechanism, that makes it especially suitable for modeling agent based models. For example, an SEIR model can be implemented in 18 lines.

In addition, this framework is a general event-based framework. Yet this framework allows the state of an agent to be quite general, described by a R list taking arbitrary R values. The states are modified by events, which can be easily defined. Thus, it is suitable for a wide range of applications, such as implementing the Gillespie algorithm.



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Concepts and Usage

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  1. Simulate an SIR model using the Gillespie method
  2. Simulate an agent based SEIR model
  3. Simulate a multi-group SEIR model
  4. Simulate a contact network SIR model
  5. Simulate contact tracing on an SIR model
  6. Simulate a household SEIR model
  7. An SIR model with births and deaths


This package is supported by a Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Discovery grant, and two NSERC Emerging Infectious Disease Modeling grants (ONMI with Dr. Huaiping Zhu as PI, and MfPH with Dr. V. Kumar Murty and Dr. Jianhong Wu as PI).