CaPO4Sim, the Virtual Physiology Simulator

R-CMD-check CRAN status

This apps were developed in the Interface Group.


As this package is not currently on CRAN, install it via devtools:


Access Apps

There are two ways to run these apps:

# entry level app
run_CaPO4Sim(context = "introduction")
# virtual patient Bootstrap 4
run_CaPO4Sim(context = "virtual-patient")

Note that for the patient simulator, you need to install a compiler: either Rtools for windows or clang for Mac/Linux. If you don’t want, you can still access these apps online.

The Bootstrap 3 version will not be updated anymore but can be accessed here.


Entry Level Application

Virtual Patient Simulator




I thank RStudio for providing us with RStudio Connect licences. All illustration backgrounds were designed by Tara Von Grebel and animations were produced by Janine Meyer, both of the Multimedia and eLearning-Services, University of Zurich.