DanielBiostatistics10th 0.2.2

Release for R 4.4.0

DanielBiostatistics10th 0.2.1

Removes import of package ggplot2

DanielBiostatistics10th 0.2.0

Move some documentation to internal

DanielBiostatistics10th 0.1.11

Annual update

DanielBiostatistics10th 0.1.9

Remove unicode from plots

DanielBiostatistics10th 0.1.8

LazyData enabled

DanielBiostatistics10th 0.1.7

Misc minor updates

DanielBiostatistics10th 0.1.6

Replace all ggplot2::geom_vline with ggrepel::geom_label_repel

DanielBiostatistics10th 0.1.5

Minor improvements here and there.

DanielBiostatistics10th 0.1.4

Add new S3 objects ‘freqs’, ‘discreteDistBar’, ‘binom2pois’, ‘z_hypothesis’, ‘power_z’.

Add new S3 methods base::print, ggplot2::autolayer and ggplot2::autoplot for the new S3 objects.

DanielBiostatistics10th 0.1.3

Improvement: ?predictiveValue now takes vector prevalence and returns vector PVP and PVN.

Add S3 method: ?autoplot.predictiveValue

Change function names: old names aggregate_z_test, aggregate_t_test, prop_test_CLT and aggregate_var_test become ?aggregate_z, ?aggregate_t, ?prop_CLT and ?aggregate_var.

Change behavior: calculate confidence interval only, if null.value is missing, in ?prop_CLT, ?aggregate_z, ?aggregate_t and ?aggregate_var

DanielBiostatistics10th 0.1.2

Rename parameter phat of ?prop_test_CLT to xbar Add function ?print_freqs and ?print_OE

DanielBiostatistics10th 0.1.1

Remove package import.

DanielBiostatistics10th 0.1.0

First release.