Welcome to DataFakeR!

Krystian Igras


DataFakeR 0.1.3 is now available!


Here is a list of our main package pages

Topic Description
Home Main DataFakeR package website
Simulation workflow High-level description of how DataFakeR works
Schema Structure Learn details of schema tables description
Sourcing schema structure from DB Find out how DataFakeR sources schema structure from database and how to customize it
Simulation options Learn more about customization options such as default parameters and simulation methods
Simulating methods Learn what simulation methods DataFakeR offers and how to create custom ones
Extra parameters Check for extra DataFakeR features that allow to get even more sophisticated results

Getting help

There are two main ways to get help with DataFakeR

  1. Reach the package author via email: .
  2. Post an issue on our GitHub page at https://github.com/openpharma/DataFakeR/issues.