R package for Frequency Profiles

Brief Summary

This package aims at computing and plotting frequency profiles - a method for visualizing the behavior of individuals in real time or post-hoc. It serves two functions, 1) to convert binary behavioral observation data into a frequency profile data format, and 2) to plot this data according to three paramaters. The three parameters are 1) window size, 2) step size, and 3) resolution. At one extreme, the parameters produce a cumulative record plot, at the other, they produce a barcode plot. This package includes a user-friendly interface - using the “Shiny App” framework - allowing people with no prior R programming experience to easily input their data, utilize the visualization tools, explore the effects of manipulating the parameters, and download publication quality plots. The FreqProf package also includes functions that allow the importation of data encoded in .bin, .fpw, and .csv formats.

Getting Started

Install the current version of the package by using devtools::install_github("AIBRT/FreqProf"), and then start the Shiny App example with runEx() after you’ve installed the package.

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