GISSB - Network analysis in R

GISSB is a package that contains GIS functions in R for use in Statistics Norway.

See the vignette for an introduction of how the functions can be used for network analysis in R:


You can install the development version of GISSB like so:



Most of the functions in the GISSB package require that the Norwegian road network NVDB Ruteplan nettverksdatasett (National roads database - road network for routing) has been downloaded locally to your computer. The format of the file should be “FGDB 10.0”.

After the file has been downloaded it has to be read into R using the sf package:


vegnett <- sf::read_sf("vegnettRuteplan_FGDB_20221109.gdb", layer = "ruttger_link_geom")

turnrestrictions_geom <- sf::read_sf("vegnettRuteplan_FGDB_20221109.gdb", layer = "turnrestrictions_geom")


vegnett <- sf::read_sf("vegnettRuteplan_FGDB_20210528.gdb", layer = 'ERFKPS')

turnrestrictions_geom <- sf::read_sf("vegnettRuteplan_FGDB_20210528.gdb", layer = "ERFKPS_turns")