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An R package to visualise data on a Lifemap base (


To install the development version of LifemapR from GitHub :


Once installed, load the package with :



Here is a brief introduction on how to use LifemapR.

  1. With the build_Lifemap function transform your already existing data into a format usable by LifemapR functions

# Construction of a LifemapR usable dataframe
LM_obj <- LifemapR::build_Lifemap(eukaryotes_1000)

After the build_Lifemap function the result is a LifemapR format containing a dataframe and the name of the basemap chosen. These elements are accessible as following :

full_df <- LM_obj$df
basemap <- LM_obj$basemap
  1. Then you can display a map with wanted informations by calling one ore more LifemapR functions. Note that with the LifemapR functions, a shiny application will be launched
# Initialise a visualisation for LM_obj
lifemap(LM_obj) + 
    # adding a subtree with colored branches
    LifemapR::lm_branches(var_col = "Protein", FUN = mean, col = "PiYG")+
    # adding a set of points
    LifemapR::lm_markers(radius = "GC.", var_fillColor = "Genes", FUN = mean) 


To do list : - [ ] New protocole to fetch data with improved databases (parquet format) - [ ] Improve create_matrix() to use less CPU (merge before joining all lists) - [ ] Improve make_newick() to make it recursive - [ ] Improve the shiny application version

How to use during development

Go to the package’s folder


then you can simply use the package’s functions