PeerPerformance is an R package for the peer-performance evaluation of financial investments with luck-correction. In particular, it implements the peer performance ratios of Ardia and Boudt (2018) which measure the percentage of peers a focal fund outperforms and underperforms, after correction for luck. It is useful for fund or portfolio managers to benchmark their investments or screen a universe of new funds. In addition, it implements the testing framework for the Sharpe and modified Sharpe ratios, described in Ledoit and Wolf (2008) and Ardia and Boudt (2015).

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  1. You must cite Ardia and Boudt (2018) in working papers and published papers that use PeerPerformance.
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Ardia, D., Boudt, K. (2018).
The peer performance ratios of hedge funds.
Journal of Banking and Finance, 87, 351-368.

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