SDMtune 1.3.1

SDMtune 1.3.0

SDMtune 1.2.1

SDMtune 1.2.0

Bug fixes:

SDMtune 1.1.6

Resolve CRAN notes

SDMtune 1.1.5

Bug fixes:

SDMtune 1.1.4

Bug fixes: Add the argument factors to the function modelReport() to allow predictions for raster objects including categorical variables

SDMtune 1.1.3

Include Java >=8 in system requirements

SDMtune 1.1.2

SDMtune 1.1.1

Main changes:

Bug fix: plotPA function now works also with new version of ggplot2.

SDMtune 1.1.0

Main changes:

Bug fix:

SDMtune 1.0.1

Bug fixes:

SDMtune 1.0.0

Main changes:

Bug fix: Fix CRAN error for r-oldrel

SDMtune 0.2.1

Main changes:

Bug fixes:

SDMtune 0.2.0

This release is the first step to enable more methods to train models. The main change is that the SDW object now bundles together the presence and the absence/background locations and is not necessary anymore to pass the presence and absence locations as separate arguments to the train function.

Old objects of class SWD, SDMmodel, SDMmodelCV and SDMtune created with version <= 0.1.1 must be converted into the new format using the dedicated help functions.

Main changes:

Deprecated function: getSubsample

SDMtune 0.1.1

SDMtune 0.1.0