Denis Haine


The package apisensr provides a graphical interface to the package episensr. To run apisensr:


The following functions are available in episensr and apisensr. Please refer to episensr for more details about these functions.

Functions available in: episensr apisensr app
selection x x
mbias x x
confounders x x
confounders.poly x x
confounders.emm x x
confounders.limit x x
confounders.array x x
confounders.ext x x
confounders.evalue x
misclassification x x
misclassification_cov x x
bootstrap x
multidimBias x x
probsens.sel x x
probsens.conf x x
probsens x x
probsens.irr.conf x
probsens.irr x
multiple bias x