ffscrapr 1.4.8

An emergency patch to get this back onto CRAN, and packaging up some longstanding bugfixes also. Will need to revisit testing policy in future releases.


ffscrapr 1.4.7

The main goal of v1.4.7 is to patch some minor bugs and to pre-emptively correct issues related to upstream dependency tidyr.



Grateful to @davisderodes,@DavisVaughan, @draftydesert277,@scottfrechette, and @TheMathNinja for their contributions to this release - feedback, issues, and PRs!

ffscrapr 1.4.6

The main goal of v1.4.6 is to patch some minor bugs, introduce a unified dependency on nflreadr, and add some support for kicker scoring.

New features

Minor changes


Immensely grateful to: Joe Sydlowski, Matt Spencer, Santiago Casanova, Scott Frechette, and all others who raised issues and contributed code towards this release!

ffscrapr 1.4.5

The main goal of v1.4.5 is to comply with CRAN somehow testing our examples.

Minor changes

ffscrapr 1.4.4

The main goal of v1.4.4 is to patch minor bugs and to add some minor extensions such as an HTML cleaning function. v1.4.4 is also served from a different github organization and website domain.

Minor changes

ffscrapr 1.4.3

The main goal of v1.4.3 is to patch some minor bugs.

Minor changes

ffscrapr 1.4.2

The main goal of v1.4.2 is to patch some minor bugs.

Minor changes

ffscrapr 1.4.1

The main goal of v1.4.1 is to patch some issues raised by CRAN checks and also correct some bugs in the new experimental ff_scoringhistory and ff_starter_positions functions released in v1.4.0.

New features

Minor changes

ffscrapr 1.4.0

The main goal of v1.4.0 is to add preliminary support for connecting ffscrapr to nflfastR weekly data, and to clean up bugs from v1.3.0. Huge thanks goes to Joe Sydlowski for his contributions on scoring history (and everything else DynastyProcess!)

New Features

Breaking Changes

Minor Changes

ffscrapr 1.3.0

The main goal of ffscrapr 1.3.0 is to add support for the ESPN platform. It also includes several bug fixes, code quality improvements, and a major refactor of tests to reduce overall package size.

A huge thank-you goes to Tony ElHabr for his contributions to the package for the ESPN methods.

Breaking Changes

ESPN Details

ESPN is a tricky and undocumented API. Private leagues are accessible if you use the SWID/ESPN_S2 authentication arguments, which are a lot like API keys - see the ESPN authentication vignette.

Unsupported functions:

New Functions

Minor patches

ffscrapr 1.2.2

Minor patches to dp_import functions to address issues discovered by CRAN checks.

Also adds minor helper function, dp_cleannames(), which is a utility function for cleaning player names that removes common suffixes, periods, and apostrophes.

Messed up the export here, whoops. Fixing for next release.

Minor patches

ffscrapr 1.2.1

Minor patches

ffscrapr 1.2.0

The main goal of ffscrapr 1.2.0 is to add a full set of methods for Fleaflicker. This release also adds improved caching options, including writing to your filesystem for persistent caching (see the vignette!), and one hotfix for sleeper_getendpoint.


Other tweaks to existing platforms/methods

Fleaflicker notes

All functions now have Fleaflicker methods! Here are notes about what isn’t the same:

ffscrapr 1.1.0

The main goal of ffscrapr 1.1.0 is to add a full set of methods for Sleeper. Also adds two new generics: ff_userleagues() and ff_starters().

New generic functions

Here is a list of new functions available at the top level (ie for all platforms)

Sleeper notes

Almost all functions now have Sleeper methods - implemented in what hopes to be relatively familiar manner to MFL. Outlining the specifics of what isn’t the same:

MFL changes

Other release tweaks in 1.1.0

ffscrapr 1.0.0

This is the first (major) version of ffscrapr and it is intended to build out the full set of functions for the first API platform: MFL.

Future versions will add more platforms via methods mapped to the same functions.

Functions include: