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{fomantic.plus} contains a series of functions that create elements and perform behaviours from Fomantic UI; the package works as an extension to the {shiny.semantic} package.

Form Validation

Input validation is an important part of shiny applications, and with form_validation you can have (the majority) of the validation done within the UI.

Similar to {shiny}’s navbarPage, {fomantic.plus} includes the ability to create a page with a navbar, along with the options to show/hide tabs, and change to a specific tab on the server-side.

Bootstrap UI (shiny) Fomantic UI (fomantic.plus)

Dark Mode

Using darkmode_toggle() will include a toggle in the UI to enable all Fomantic UI elements to change into the “inverted” class, giving the ability to have a light and dark mode application

Light Mode Dark Mode