Palantir R SDK

License CRAN status Autorelease


Install the library from CRAN:


Alternatively, install the latest development version from Github:

remotes::install_github("", ref = "0.13.0")


Configuration for hostname and an authentication token can be provided using options:

Alternatively, you can set the environment variables FOUNDRY_HOSTNAME and FOUNDRY_TOKEN.

Configuration will be loaded in the following order: options if present, otherwise environment variables.

Authentication tokens serve as a private password and allows a connection to Foundry data. Keep your token secret and do not share it with anyone else. Do not add a token to a source controlled or shared file.

Extra configuration options


To read datasets, aliases must first be registered. Create a YAML file called ~/.foundry/aliases.yml and define an alias for every dataset you wish to read or write to.

    rid: ri.foundry.main.dataset.31388c03-2854-443e-b6cd-fe51c5908371
    rid: ri.foundry.main.dataset.5db9d133-6c87-4917-b11e-18b095ac4d30
    branch: develop


Read a tabular Foundry dataset into a data.frame or Apache Arrow Table

df <- datasets.read_table("my_dataset")

Download raw files from a Dataset

all_dataset_files <- datasets.list_files("my_dataset")
downloaded_files <- datasets.download_files("my_dataset", all_dataset_files)

Write a data.frame or Apache Arrow Table to Foundry

datasets.write_table(df, "my_dataset")

Upload local files or folders to a Dataset

datasets.upload_files(file.path("~", "Downloads", "example"), "my_dataset")