fuzzywuzzyR 1.0.5

fuzzywuzzyR 1.0.4

fuzzywuzzyR 1.0.3

I added an exception in the additional tests, to avoid Solaris OS throw an error if python is not available

fuzzywuzzyR 1.0.2

I added the decoding parameter to the following classes : FuzzExtract, FuzzMatcher and FuzzUtils. The decoding parameter does not apply to the GetCloseMatches and SequenceMatcher classes, because there isn’t any force_ascii parameter in the difflib python library. The decoding parameter applies only to python 2 configurations, as in python 3 character strings are decoded to unicode by default. For reference, see the following github issue : https://github.com/mlampros/fuzzywuzzyR/issues/3

fuzzywuzzyR 1.0.1

I added links to the github repository (master repository, issues).

fuzzywuzzyR 1.0.0