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The goal of {nettskjemar} is to have easy access to data and form information on the Nettskjema service by the University of Oslo, Norway. Currently the main possibilities is help in creating users and tokens for accessing Nettskjema through its API, downloading meta-data and codebooks about specific forms and data associated with a specific form.

Install the development version from GitHub with:

# install.packages("remotes")

Setting up the authentication

There is a tutorial on how to create the API access user and token needed to work with the api. This will need to be completed before you can access any other features of this package.


Currently, the package contains functions to download data from forms, including submission answers, meta-data and codebook information. The most important, is the function that will download nettskjema submission data and return them as a tibble (data.frame). This needs only the id of a nettskjema, which can be found in the last part of the nettskjema url.



If you do not have the codebook activated, or you want to use the full answers to questions rather than the coded ones, you can toggle off code book answers:

nettskjema_get_data(nettskjema_id, use_codebook = FALSE)


Package documentation can be found on the associated GitHub pages, among other documentation on how to create the API acces user and token.


This tool is partly funded by:

EU Horizon 2020 Grant: Healthy minds 0-100 years: Optimising the use of European brain imaging cohorts (Lifebrain).

Grant agreement number: 732592.

Call: Societal challenges: Health, demographic change and well-being