Using nettskjemar

Nettskjemar connects to version 2 of the nettskjema api, and the main functionality here is to download data from a form into R. Once you have created a nettskjema api user, and set up your Renvironment locally, you can start accessing your forms.

Download submissions

Perhaps at the core of nettskjemar is the ability to download submission answers to a form into a tibble (variation of a data.frame).



There are many arguments that can be set that give you control over the data extraction. By default, the data as set by the codebook is retrieved by use_codebook = TRUE, this can be set to FALSE which would retrieve the full-text information. If the codebook has not been set up, initial download will fail because there is none, and the user must toggle this themselves in the nettskjema-portal.

nettskjema_get_data(110000, use_codebook = FALSE)