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R Interface to Open Collaboration Services (OCS) REST APIs

ocs4R provides a R interface to the Open Collaboration Services (OCS) REST APIs. ocs4R includes support for the below APIs: * OCS Webdav API * OCS Share API * OCS User Provisioning API

ocs4R constitutes the generic R client to access to OCS-compliant cloud platforms such as ownCloud and Nextcloud, either directly using ocs4R or through product-specific ocs4R wrappers such as ownCloud4R and nextCloud4R

Please check the online documentation for more details!


For ocs4R sponsoring/funding new developments, enhancements, support requests, please contact me by e-mail.


You can get the preferred citation by using the ocs4R Document Object Identifier (DOI): DOI

We thank in advance people that use ocs4R for citing it in their work / publication(s).