phyloTop v2.1.2

We are grateful to Orlando Schwery for bringing to our attention that ‘is.binary.tree()’ from ape is deprecated and was issuing a warning whenever phyloCheck was called. We have now changed it to the supported ‘is.binary()’.

phyloTop v2.1.0

We are very grateful to Leonid Chindelevitch for his comments which have led to this significantly improved version of phyloTop: most of the functions are now calculated in linear time and we have fixed errors in the calculation of the Sackin and stairs measures.

phyloTop v2.0.0

phyloTop v1.1.1 was archived on CRAN on 2015-10-29 as it was no longer maintained by its creator, Michael Boyd.

The package has been revived by Michelle Kendall and Caroline Colijn. All of the functions in version 2.0.0 have been updated, with faster implementations, simplified format requirements and dependencies, and further help files and examples added. We have included explanations in the help files wherever version 2.0.0 is not backwards compatible, and documented the deprecated functions.

Major updates include: