Introduction to polyglotr


The polyglotr package is a language translation tool for the R programming language. It provides convenient functions to translate text using different (free) translation services. This vignette will guide you through the usage of the package and demonstrate how to translate text and files in various languages.


You can install the polyglotr package from CRAN using the following command:


Basic usage

Translating Text

To translate text using the polyglotr package, you can use the mymemory_translate and google_translate functions. Here’s an example of how to translate a simple phrase:

text <- "Hello, how are you?"

# Translate using MyMemory Translation API
translation_mymemory <- mymemory_translate(text, target_language = "fr", source_language = "en")

# Translate using Google Translate
translation_google <- google_translate(text, target_language = "fr", source_language = "en")

#> Bonjour, comment vas-tu?
#> Bonjour comment allez-vous?

Translating Files

The package also provides a function, translate_file, to translate the content of a file. Here’s an example:

# Translate the content of a file using Google Translate
# translate_file("path/to/file.txt", target_language = "fr", source_language = "en", overwrite = TRUE)

In the above example, the content of the file “file.txt” is translated from English to French using Google Translate. The translated content replaces the original content if the overwrite parameter is set to TRUE. Otherwise, a new file with the translated content is created.