Add Multiple Symbols by Keywords or Category in your Rmarkdown or Quarto documents or Shiny applications

Obinna Obianom



R2SYMBOLS package introduced two new functions that allows inclusion of multiple symbols by keyword. Below are further details on how to use these functions

Include library


Use the symKey() function

# fetch a group of symbols by using keywords
symKey(keyword = "chess", font.size = 40)

# when the keyword doesn't exist
symKey(keyword = "chf34ess", font.size = 40)
## Warning in symKey(keyword = "chf34ess", font.size = 40): No symbols match the
## keyword term that was entered
# when the keyword is not up to 4 characters
symKey(keyword = "chf", font.size = 40) # retruns error

Use the symCat() function

# fetch a group of symbols by using category words
# categories include: arrows mixed chess check mark symbol animal emoji flag people skull sign star telephone weather zodiac smiley hourglass fraction cards triangle square
symCat(category = "arrow", font.color="blue", font.size = 20)

symCat(category = "people", font.color="gray", font.weight = "light",font.size = 50)

symCat(category = "emoji", font.color="gray", font.weight = "light",font.size = 22)


symCat(category = "smiley", font.color="gray", font.weight = "light",font.size = 32)



All other cool features of r2symbols are still available. View them by going to