The R package randomizeR is an easy to use tool for the randomization of clinical trials. Its aim is to provide sound scientific evidence for the choice of a randomization procedure, on the basis of well-founded criteria. It includes functions for generating randomization sequences from various randomization procedures as well as various issues for the assessment of the randomization procedures.


You can install randomizeR from CRAN:

install.packages('randomizeR', dependencies = TRUE)


Until now, the choice of a randomization procedure did not follow strict scientific principles. If the choice of a randomization procedure does not account for possible problems during the conduct of a clinical trial, the estimation of the treatment effect can be biased. randomizeR models the possible problems that occur in the analysis of a clinical trial, and provides functions to assess randomization procedures according to the issues.



cg <- corGuess("CS")
rar <- genSeq(rarPar(6),10)
assess(rar, cg)


The package is free and open source software, licensed under GPL 3.