Modifying the template

John J Aponte


Repana package install in the RStudio IDE an addins that allow the user to insert a header template for documentation. For this purpose, create a new R file, and in the top of the file call the addins menu click on “Repana Insert Template” which include the following text:

#' ---
#' title:
#' author:
#' date: [INSERT DATE]
#' sessioninfo: YES
#' signature: YES
#' ---

the user must complete title and author. The date is updated according to the system date. Other YAML entries can be included.

The sesioninfo: YES will allow the inclusion of the system information and packages when the program is run with repana::master()

Similarly, with signature: YES will include an SHA1 signature of the file executed by repana::master

If the user do not want this behavior may change the entries from YES to NO.

The function repana::create_structure()produce a default_template.txtfile and the location is specified in thetemplateentry of theconfig.yml` file. The user can modify the file or point to a new one as needed.