rodeo - Code generator for ODE-models in R

Basic facts

rodeo is an add-on package for the R statistical computing software. It facilitates the implementation of mechanistic models built on ordinary differential equations (ODE).

Package contents

The package currently provides a single R6 class named just like the package (rodeo). It contains several class- and non-class methods to

The package vignette provides further details.

Requirements and installation

A current installation of R is required. In order to work with rodeo in high-performance mode, one needs the tools to compile Fortran 2008 code (compiler, make utilities, etc.). These tools are typically available by default on Linux systems. Users of other systems should have a look at the Rtools.

The development version of the package can be installed directly from the github repository as shown below. For this, the devtools package is required.

# Install and load development version

The release version should be available on CRAN and can be installed as usual (see below). Note that the release version may lag behind the development version in terms of functionality.

# Install and load release version