How it works

Cervan Girard


1 - Get the token

The first step is to retrieve a token.

Open todoist website to find it :

token <- "YOURTOKEN" # copied and pasted from website

Now save your token securly into R (one time per computer)

We use {keyring} features to do it.


2 - Now, let’s play !

Create new project, add tasks and users

Add new project

Don’t forget to store the result to reuse the identifier of the new project.

id_proj <- add_project(project_name = "test",verbose = TRUE) 

Add task to this project

id_proj %>%

Add users to this porject

id_proj %>%
  add_users_in_project(list_of_users = "")

All in the same time

add_project(project_name = "test",verbose = TRUE) %>%
  add_tasks_in_project(tasks_list = 
                         list("First task",
                              "Second task")
                       ) %>%
  add_responsible_to_task("First task", add_responsible = "")

More specific :

At ThinkR, we have a template for tasks. All functions starting with ‘init’ allow us to have templates for specific projects, such as service or training.

add_project("my_mission") %>%