rvg package

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rvg is providing two graphics devices that produces Vector Graphics outputs in DrawingML format for Microsoft PowerPoint with dml_pptx and for Microsoft Excel with dml_xlsx. Theses formats let users edit the graphic elements (editable graphics) within PowerPoint or Excel and have a very good rendering.

These raw XML outputs cannot be used as is. Functions dml and ph_with() have to be used with package officer to add vector graphics in PowerPoint documents (dml function is a simple wrapper to mark the plot instructions as Vector Graphics instructions).


my_vec_graph <- dml(code = barplot(1:5, col = 2:6))

doc <- read_pptx()
doc <- add_slide(doc, layout = "Title and Content", master = "Office Theme")
doc <- ph_with(doc, my_vec_graph, location = ph_location_fullsize() )
print(doc, target = "my_plot.pptx")

Function xl_add_vg() is the equivalent for Excel workbooks.

doc <- read_xlsx()
doc <- xl_add_vg(doc, sheet = "Feuil1", code = print(gg), 
  width = 6, height = 6, left = 1, top = 2 )
print(doc, target = "vg.xlsx")

By default, theses graphics are editable, element edition can be disabled with option editable = FALSE.


You can get the development version from GitHub:


Install the CRAN version: