stpp: Space-Time Point Pattern Simulation, Visualisation and Analysis

Many of the models encountered in applications of point process methods to the study of spatio-temporal phenomena are covered in ‘stpp’. This package provides statistical tools for analyzing the global and local second-order properties of spatio-temporal point processes, including estimators of the space-time inhomogeneous K-function and pair correlation function. It also includes tools to get static and dynamic display of spatio-temporal point patterns.

This is the development version

Installation guide

The easiest way to install the development version of stpp from GitHub is using the devtools package which can be installed run the next command:


and thereafter run the commands:


Ubuntu users can follow the instructions in this discussion on stackoverflow to avoid complexity in installing some of the packages, particularly rgdal and rgl.



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Edith Gabriel, Avignon University, Avignon, France

Peter J. Diggle, Lancaster University, Lancaster, UK

Barry Rowlingson, Lancaster University, Lancaster, UK

Francisco J. Rodríguez-Cortés, National University of Colombia, Medellín, Colombia