unpivotr 0.6.3

unpivotr 0.6.2

unpivotr 0.6.1

unpivotr 0.6.0

unpivotr 0.5.1

unpivotr 0.5.0

New features

Other changes

unpivotr 0.4.0

This version makes some big breaking changes for the sake of a more intuitive grammar. It comes with much more documentation in the online book Spreadsheet Munging Strategies.

The main new workhorses:

Breaking changes

The previous version can be installed as follows.

devtools::install_version("unpivotr", version = "0.3.1", repos = "http://cran.us.r-project.org")

New features

Under the hood

Many other tweaks especially to documentation

unpivotr 0.3.1

unpivotr 0.3.0

unpivotr 0.2.1

This release overhauls the tidy_table() function of unpivotr to preserve the original data types of table cells and to support HTML tables.

unpivotr 0.1.1

unpivotr 0.1.0

unpivotr 0.1.0