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The aim of vstsr is to make it easier to connect between R and Azure DevOps.

N.B. This used to link to Visual Studio Team Services, as part of 1.1 release this will point to the Azure DevOps APIs instead.

Commands will include getting repository information, git services and work item information.




There are two ways to use the vstsr package: 1. Creating an R6 object using vsts_account that contains simple methods to do all of the functions that are available in the package. 2. Create an authorisation key using vsts_auth_key and then using that to run each of the functions within the package.

Method 1:

proj <- vsts_account$new(user = '<USER NAME>', pass= '<PASSWORD>', 
                         domain = '<VS DOMAIN>', project = '<VS PROJECT>')

Method 2:

auth_key <- vsts_auth_key(user = '<USER NAME>', pass= '<PASSWORD>')