CBSr 1.0.5

R Package for using Cubic Bezier Spline as a function approximator especially in modeling latent utility functions.
While Cubic Bezier Splines (CBS) are heavily used in the graphics software industry, it can also be used as a flexible
function approximation tool given the right constraints. The CBS package provides a method to calculate the y value
from a x value given an appropriately constrained CBS curve. It then uses this method to approximate latent utility
functions in intertemporal choice and risky choice data.

CBSr requires rJava package to run (
rJava package requires Java development kit (JDK) which needs to be installed on your computer.
On unix systems, R needs to be reconfigured after JDK installation by using command ‘R CMD javareconf’.
See rJava webpage under installation section for more details (

Please use the package on CRAN as it is the latest stable build.
Package on GITHUB is a development version that is not released yet.

Fun demo video:

Citation: Lee, S., Glaze, C. M., Bradlow, E. T., & Kable, J. W. (2020). Flexible Utility Function Approximation via Cubic Bezier Splines. psychometrika, 85(3), 716-737.