DataSHIELD Interface


The DataSHIELD Interface (DSI) defines a set of S4 classes and generic methods that can be implemented for accessing a data repository supporting the DataSHIELD infrastructure: controlled R commands to be executed on the server side are garanteeing that non disclosive information is returned to client side.

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Class Structure

The DSI classes are:

All classes are virtual: they cannot be instantiated directly and instead must be subclassed. See DSOpal for a reference implementation of DSI based on the Opal data warehouse. See also DSLite for a server-less implementation of DSI for local datasets.

These S4 classes and generic methods are meant to be used for implementing connection to a DataSHIELD-aware data repository.

Higher Level Functions

In addition to these S4 classes, DSI provides functions to handle a list of remote data repository servers:

These datashield.* functions are meant to be used by DataSHIELD packages developers and users.


Some options can be set to modify the behavior of the DSI: