MEDITS v0.1.7

MEDITS v0.1.6

-Saving option of plot eliminated from function -Used “donttest” instead of “dontrun” in the following .Rd files:, TATB.grid, TATC.grid,haul.plot,, LFD, m.TATC, quant, sp.index. -added to following .Rd files:, m.TATB.Rd, dd.distance.Rd,, MEDITS.distance.Rd, -substitution of cat or print with message function in the following function: m.TATB, m.TATC, check.format, dd.distance, MEDITS.distance, land.points, index.ts -verbose parameter added to the following functions: m.TATB, m.TATC, index.ts, dd.distance, MEDITS.distance -added the on.exit() function to retain the user default values of par() in the following functions: bubbleplot,, index.ts, sexratio.ts, sp.index -in haul.plot function was introduced the possibility to select the format of the coordinate to be plotted: “MEDITS” or “degrees”. -estimation of abundance indices time series by sex in index.ts() function. -q95() function substituted by quant() function that allows the estimation of the length at a user-defined percentile value of a LFD. The argument “quantile” is now required by the function. -the outputs of LFD() function was modified. The LFD is returned as a data frame and not as the element of a list, as well as for the LFD plot. -update of file

MEDITS v0.1.5

-The Title field formatted in title case

MEDITS v0.1.4

MEDITS v0.1.3

MEDITS v0.1.2