SurrogateRsq 0.2.1

Minor improvements and fixes


SurrogateRsq 0.2.0

Changes in version 0.1.1

Major features

  1. The package supports the ordinal logistic regression models.

Features needed

  1. It has “print()” for surr_rsq, but the print() or summary() functions are needed for surr_rsq_ci and surr_rsq_rank.

SurrogateRsq 0.1.0

Major features

  1. This package has four main functions: rsq, surr_rsq, surr_rsq_ci, and surr_rsq_rank.

  2. surr_rsq() is a function for producing a point estimate of the surrogate R-squared for a user-specified model.

  3. surr_rsq_ci() is a function for generating an interval measure of the surrogate R-squared with the designated confidence level.

  4. surr_rsq_rank() is a function to produce a ranking of explanatory variables based on their contributions to the overall surrogate R-squared.

  5. rsq() is a function to produce other pseudo R-squared measures in the literature.