Test Analysis Modules

If you use TAM and have suggestions for improvement or have found bugs, please email me at robitzsch@leibniz-ipn.de. Please always provide a minimal dataset, necessary to demonstrate the problem, a minimal runnable code necessary to reproduce the issue, which can be run on the given dataset, and all necessary information on the used librarys, the R version, and the OS it is run on, perhaps a sessionInfo().

CRAN version

The official version of TAM is hosted on CRAN and may be found here. The CRAN version can be installed from within R using:


GitHub version

The version hosted here is the development version of TAM. The GitHub version can be installed using devtools as


or alternatively use

utils::install.packages('TAM', repos = c('https://alexanderrobitzsch.r-universe.dev', 'https://cloud.r-project.org'))