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Blaster implements an efficient BLAST-like sequence comparison algorithm, written in C++11 and using native R datatypes. Blaster is light-weight, fast and dependency-free. The code base of Blaster is adapted from nsearch. An implementation of nsearch for Python is available at npysearch.


From Conda

conda install -c conda-forge r-blaster 

Development version from GitHub



# Read a query file into DataFrame

query <- read_fasta("inst/extdata/query.fasta")

# Read a database file into a DataFrame

db <- read_fasta("inst/extdata/db.fasta")

# BLAST the query against the database

blast_table <- 
    blast(query, db)

# BLAST protein sequence file against itself using filenames as blast function arguments

prot_blast_table <-
    blast(query = "inst/extdata/prot.fasta",
          db = "inst/extdata/prot.fasta",
          alphabet = "protein")

# Filter the sequences containing motif GAGACTT

query <- read_fasta("query.fasta", "GAGACTT")

Tested on

Details available at https://anaconda.org/conda-forge/r-blaster/files.