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Functions for designing surveys and conducting power analyses for choice-based conjoint survey experiments in R. Each function in the package begins with cbc_ and supports a step in the following process for designing and analyzing surveys:


View the usage page for details on how to use cbcTools.


You can install the latest version of {cbcTools} from CRAN:


or you can install the development version of {cbcTools} from GitHub:

# install.packages("remotes")

Load the library with:


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Citation Information

If you use this package for in a publication, I would greatly appreciate it if you cited it - you can get the citation by typing citation("cbcTools") into R:

#> To cite cbcTools in publications use:
#>   Helveston JP (2023). _cbcTools: Design and Evaluate Choice-Based
#>   Conjoint Survey Experiments_. R package,
#>   <https://jhelvy.github.io/cbcTools/>.
#> A BibTeX entry for LaTeX users is
#>   @Manual{,
#>     title = {{cbcTools}: Design and Evaluate Choice-Based Conjoint Survey Experiments},
#>     author = {John Paul Helveston},
#>     year = {2023},
#>     note = {R package},
#>     url = {https://jhelvy.github.io/cbcTools/},
#>   }