galah: Biodiversity Data from the Living Atlas Community

The living atlas community provides tools to enable users of biodiversity information to find, access, combine and visualise data on plants, animals and fungi. 'galah' enables the R community to directly access data and resources hosted by the living atlases.

Version: 1.5.0
Depends: R (≥ 4.1.0)
Imports: assertthat, crul, data.table, data.tree, digest, glue (≥ 1.3.2), httr, jsonlite (≥ 0.9.8), lifecycle (≥ 1.0.0), rlang, sf, stringr (≥ 1.0.0), tibble, tidyselect, utils
Suggests: vcr (≥ 0.6.0), covr, dplyr, kableExtra, knitr, magrittr, pkgdown, rmarkdown, testthat
Published: 2022-10-27
Author: Martin Westgate [aut, cre], Matilda Stevenson [aut], Dax Kellie [aut], Peggy Newman [aut]
Maintainer: Martin Westgate <martin.westgate at>
License: MPL-2.0
NeedsCompilation: no
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Reference manual: galah.pdf
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