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incR: R package for the analysis of avian incubation

This is the development site of incR, an R package to analyse avian incubation temperatures and incubation behaviour. The code and the documentation are updated often - check for latest version here and on CRAN.

incR takes a time-series of incubation temperature, scores incubation and provides a suite of functions to calculate biologically relevant metrics of incubation.

Please, if you use the package and find bugs or think of any improvement, get in contact to implement your recommendations.

Latest news

Version 2.0.0 has been released. A new version of ‘incRscan’ (‘incRscan_v2’) has been created to process every day with information (unlike the original ‘incRscan’) applying a fixed temperature threshold to detect on/off-bouts. Also, the code in ‘incRenv’ has been revisited and the function is now a lot faster.


Please, if you use incR cite it as:

Capilla-Lasheras, Pablo (2020). incR: a new R package to analyse incubation behaviour. Journal of Avian Biology 49:e01710.