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A complete rewrite of the odin engine, designed to increase future maintainability but have few user-visible effects. In brief, this does add

This does introduce a few user-visible breaking changes: - use of array indices outside of an array subset (e.g., x[] <- i) produces output that is off-by-one compared with the previous version (see #136) - The “safe” mode has been removed, at least for now. This failed to compile for complex models and was not well used. A better static check mechanism will be introduced (#148) - Arguments to odin() have been modified slightly - odin_package() no longer supports multi-file mode (I don’t think this was ever used). - Argument order in generated functions, as well as variable/output order, is likely to change but this should not generally be relied upon. - The methods for a model object have been extensively rationalised. I don’t think that anything has been removed that anyone is using in their code. - The parameters passed as a list user are validated and providing additional parameters is a warning (by default; this can be configured to be more or less strict as desired).

Fixes many outstanding issues: #139, #136, #132, #130, #129,