pracpac 0.2.0

New Features

Shiny use case documentation

As of this release, pracpac now includes documentation for the “shiny” use case. The package now features a vignette dedicated to the templating a Docker image to host a Shiny web app. To motivate the example usage, there is now also another example package in the pracpac source at inst/ocf.

Bug Fixes

renv_deps() and strictly versioned package depedencies

Previously the renv_deps() function was not able to parse dependencies in the DESCRIPTION file that stated strict versions of packages. The function can now handle this case, such that all dependencies in DESCRIPTION (whether they include a strict version number or not) will be passed into the renv snapshot procedure.

pracpac 0.1.0

Initial release!

For more information see or browseVignettes(package = "pracpac").