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rebus.datetimes: Regular Expression Builder, Um, Something (Datetime-Related Functionality)

This package contains datetime-related functionality for the rebus package. It is primarily intended for other R package developers. For interactive use, try rebus instead.

Build regular expressions in a human readable way

Regular expressions are a very powerful tool, but the syntax is terse enough to be difficult to read. This makes bugs easy to introduce and hard to find. This package contains functions to make building regular expressions easier.


To install the stable version, type:


To install the development version, you first need the devtools package.


Then you can install the rebus.datetimes package using


Package contents

datetime accepts a strptime-style format string, and creates a regular expression to match it. You can choose the locale for matching (month names differ between locales), and whether the regex is used for input or output (input needs to be less strict).

iso_date, iso_time and iso_datetime provide regexes to match ISO 8601 standard dates and times.

Constants are available for date components. For example, SECOND matches seconds, TIMEZONE matches timezones, etc.