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rtype is a strong type system for R which supports symbol declaration and assignment with type checking.

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Declaring symbols

Declare symbols Before using them.

x :  NULL
y :  num(0) 
z :  logi(0) 

Assignment with type checking

# NULL symbol can be assigned any value
numeric(x) <- c(1,2,3.5)

# numeric symbol can be assigned only numeric value
# is.numeric(y) = TRUE, and is.numeric(c(1,2,3)) = TRUE
numeric(y) <- c(1,2,3)

# the symbol does not take value that violates its type checking
# is.integer(y) = FALSE (violation)
integer(y) <- c(1L,2L)
Error: symbol fails type checking with .Primitive("is.integer")
# the assignment fails if the value does not pass type checking
# is.logical(z) = TRUE, but is.logical(c(1,2,3)) = FALSE (violation)
logical(z) <- c(1,2,3)
Error: value fails type checking with .Primitive("is.logical")

Assignment with condition checking

Checking single condition

# assign value checking condition length = 3
numeric(x, length = 3) <- c(1,2,3)

# stop if condition is violated
numeric(x, length = 3) <- c(1,2,3,4)
Error: value [length = 4L] violates condition [length = 3]

Checking multiple conditions

# assign value checking multiple conditions
data.frame(df, ncol=2, nrow=10) <- data.frame(x=1:10,y=letters[1:10])

# or equivalently
data.frame(df, dim=c(10,2)) <- data.frame(x=1:10,y=letters[1:10])

# stop if any condition is violated
data.frame(df, ncol=3, nrow=10) <- data.frame(x=1:10,y=letters[1:10])
Error: value [ncol = 2L] violates condition [ncol = 3]

Checking function conditions

# checking function condition
cond1 <- function(x) mean(x) <= 5
numeric(x, length = 10, cond1) <- 0:9
numeric(x, length = 10, cond1) <- 1:10
Error: value violates condition [function (x) mean(x) <= 5]

General checking

check(x, class="integer", length=10) <- 1:10
check(x, class="numeric", length=10) <- 1:10
Error: value [class = "integer"] violates condition [class = "numeric"]

Help overview

help(package = rtype)


This package is under MIT License.